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    【来源:     日期:2022/08/30    浏览量:  】【打印本页】 【关闭

    1. Liu Y#, Luo SH#, Hua J, Li DS, Ling Y, Luo Q, Li SH*. Characterization of defensive cadinenes and a novel sesquiterpene synthase responsible for their biosynthesis from the invasive Eupatorium adenophorum. New Phytologist, 2021, 229(3): 1740-1754 (IF: 10.476)

    2. Iqbal MF, Feng YL*, Feng WW, Liu MC, Lu XR. Ecological impacts of the invasive plant Xanthium strumarium and the impacts of three aboveground herbivores on the invader. Ecological Indicator, 2021, 131: 108140 (IF 6.642)

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    5. Sun Y#, Liu L#, Sun S#, Han W, Irfan M, Zhang X, Zhang L*, Chen L*. AnDHN, a dehydrin protein from Ammopiptanthus nanus mitigated the negative effects of drought stress. Frontiers in plant science, 2021, 12: 788938 (IF: 6.627)

    6. Fu C, Fu Z, Jiang C, Xia C, Zhang Y, Gu X, Zheng K, Zhou D, Tang S, Lyu S*, Ma S*. CD205+ polymorphonuclear myeloid-derived suppressor cells suppress antitumor immunity by overexpressing GLUT3. Cancer Science, 2021, 112(3): 1011-1025 (IF: 6.518)

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    9. Wang X, Chen Q, Huang J, Meng X, Cui N, Yu Y*, Fan H*. Nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat genes CsRSF1 and CsRSF2 are positive modulators in the Cucumis sativus defense response to Sphaerotheca fuliginea. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2021, 22(8): 3986 (SCI IF: 6.132)

    10. Hua J, Liu YC, Luo SH, Liu Y, Xiao CJ, Li XN, Li SH*. Immunostimulatory 6/6/6/6 tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins with the methyl-30 incorporated cyclization from the root of Colquhounia elegans. Organic Letters, 2021, 23: 7462-7466 (IF: 6.072)

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